The Old Way


Employers pay Blue Cross, or another insurance carrier to assume all risk for your group. Many employers begin collecting employee contributions to offset premium increases.
Brokers give away services to compete for business & collect insurance company commissions.
Result of this strategy… double digit annual increases in medical benefit plan costs.

Seeking a Better Way


Employers are forced to shift costs to employees through higher deductibles, coinsurance requirements & larger employee contributions.
Brokers sell “benefit administration services” & collect monthly fees from insurance company.
Results of this strategy…double digit annual increases in medical benefit plan costs.

The HealthFirst Solution


Employers adopt strategies to help members get the right care, at the right price, at the right time. We combine risk management strategies & proprietary technology solutions to help you manage your benefit costs, while improving your member’s experience.
HealthFirst’s advisors, brokers & administrators deliver a superior experience to your HR Team. We do everything your traditional broker does, while actually helping you manage your medical benefit costs.
Result of this strategy … annual increases less than 3% across more than 15,000 members.

Let us show you how we’re ahead of the game

Our Solution